The most important SERVICE you will find at Journeys by Design Travel and Tours is Customer Service.


Planning the perfect journey takes time.  

There are many options in the world of travel. People frequently ask, "How much does it cost to go to ______________________?  Usually a ball park figure can be given, however, the best answer is, "It depends."  It depends on what is important to you.  


  1. When you dream of this journey what are your expectations?

  2. Are you looking for a specific experience? 

  3. ​Have you been to the destination before?

  4. Are you a frequent traveler?

  5. Do you have a passport?

  6. Do you have a budget?  


Every client whether budget or luxury wants value for their vacation dollars.  Unless a client has been somewhere before and wants to go back, finding that perfect fit takes time.  The process may start with a recommendation but what is most important is making sure the journey meets your dreams and expectations.  Customer Service means looking at your options together.


Planning the perfect journey takes education.

Never been on an airplane or don't fly frequently? Not sure what can go in the carry on. How much will your luggage cost?   How much can it weigh and how big can it be?  Never been out of the country.  Not sure what to pack. Never been on a cruise.  What is the currency and what is the exchange rate? Do I need a converter or an adapter to travel to your destination?  Or maybe you are a frequent traveler and just need the details of the specific destination. Customer Service means working with you until you feel confident in your journey.


Planning the perfect journey takes preparing with the proper documents.

Printing of cruise documents, travel documents, and boarding passes and reviewing them with you is just a small part of what I do for you.  Customer Service is getting everything ready so you can spend more time dreaming of your journey (and what to pack!) and less time stressing over it!



Ever wondered if you could learn to surf?  How about a lesson in Hawaii or Costa Rica!


Have you dreamt of walking the streets of our nation's classic cities like New York or San Francisco?  


Maybe your heart longs to journey to far away lands like Australia or New Zealand....